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matteo sisti sette

Find the
matching pairs
of cards.
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[artists I've worked with]

Nico Baixas

In 2011 I wrote the software for Nico Baixa's performance Handmade. In this show, the live stream from a camera, aimed close at Nico's hands, is processed in real time, and the output is projected onto a screen next to Nico on the stage. Nico controls the software himself using a microphone, some pedals, and an iPad.

An excerpt from the performance, recorded at León, 2012. Watch it on Vimeo

The software is written in Pure Data (PD) using GEM. Based entirely on Nico's requirements, I developed a machine that not only performs a given set of effects whose parameters can be controlled in real time, but also allows the artist to experiment with them and record presets, and put these presets into a timeline for the show. All of this through a nice user interface and without the need for my presence or intervention (except of course when he felt the need to add more features).

The graphic user interface displayed on the iPad, used in some parts of the show to remotely and wirelessly control the PD patch, was created using TouchOSC. The software listens and responds to commands coming from the TouchOSC interface, and also sends back feedback and monitoring information to it.